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We need to address illegal immigration.

                                                                                                                                                        October 28, 2016

Dear Future President,

    Some of my ancestors immigrated from Ireland to the U.S., and they made a wonderful life here. Other people should be able to have that opportunity, but it needs to be done legally, like my ancestors did. We need to address illegal immigration.

   Many people come to the U.S. which is fine because we welcome anyone here into this beautiful country. Unfortunately, many people also come here illegally and secretly live here and don't pay taxes like we do. That seems unfair because while we are working hard to get money to pay our taxes, illegal immigrants are staying here without paying any money for taxes.

   A lot of illegal immigrants bring drugs to our country which is not safe! If we had better protection of people coming here we probably would have a smaller chance of people bringing drugs into this country.

   We need stronger defenses along our border so we can stop drugs being brought into our country, and so we can make sure people are coming here legally.  We don't have time to wait, too many people are dying because of drugs, and we have too many people sneaking into our country.



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