Gavin Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

Police officers need to lower their amount of killings, racism, and take responsibility for their actions.

Dear Future President,

           There have been over 900 people who have been shot and killed by the police so far this year. The United States needs to lower the amount of killings and racism. Also, police officers need to take responsibility for their actions.

           Several officers have taken it too far with other American citizens. They have often used excessive force which is a common form of their misconduct. There are  57% of reported cases involved this behavior and it needs to stop. For example, a man in Tulsa, Oklahoma was fatally shot while on the ground with his hands up. This incident should not have happen and was unnecessary.

           Racial conflict in the United States is a big problem that needs to stop. Police officers are viewing people of different races in different ways. An example of this would be that cops see black Americans in negative way. They are more than two times as likely to be killed by police compared to whites. It is not fair and they should have the same behavior towards everyone. In 2015, black people were killed at five times the rate of white people. This proves that the police have a tendency to view unfairly.

           Another complication is that officers are not owning up or being punished for their actions. Only 54 officers were charged of crime out of the thousands of police shooting since 2005. One possible solution for this is cameras. By putting cameras on police officers it will help solve this problem. It will show what actually happened instead of an officer explaining it and could easily lie.

           As you can see, police brutality is a big concern for the people of the United States. We need to put an end to all of the racism and shootings of American citizens in this country.