Kelly Pennsylvania

Cancer research and treatments

We need to spend more money on cancer research and treatments.

Dear Future President,                                                                                          October 28th, 2016

Losing someone you love is the most devastating part in life. But watching them suffer through cancer is even worse. We have to give people fighting cancer more hope. To make that happen we need to spend more money on cancer research and treatments. Millions of families are affected by losing someone they love from cancer. Therefore, we have to make a change to the world.

Sadly, my family has been affected by the loss of two beloved family members. Both my grand mom and my aunt suffered through cancer. It was so hard for my family to let them go. I don't want anymore families to have to keep going through these hard times. I feel we need to look closer into spending more money on cancer research to help all the people affected by cancer a faster way of fighting cancer. I know the research doctors are working very hard on finding a cure for cancer and that is why we need to do anything we can to support them. Whether it is donating money, producing fundraisers, or even going to a function supporting cancer, as long as we are helping. If everyone did at least one thing to help raise money for cancer research I think we would be helping the research doctors greatly. From my personal experiences, I feel very strongly about doing anything I can to help the research doctors find a cure which would lead to helping all the cancer patients and their families in the world.

As I mentioned before, along with finding a cure for cancer, I think the doctors need to give the cancer patients better and stronger treatments. If the cancer patient receives the right treatments early, maybe they won't have to go through such a long process to become cancer free. I believe another problem with the treatments is that the cost is way too high for some families to afford. Maybe if we lower some of the prices for treatments, there will be a better chance of more people fighting off cancer. 

Along with getting better treatments, if people were brought into the doctors once every couple months or maybe even once every year to be tested for cancer, maybe the doctors will catch the cancer earlier. By this, if the cancer was caught early more people will be able to receive treatments to help them get better faster. I know this because my aunt was actually affected with breast cancer. Luckily, the doctors caught the cancer early enough so with the right treatments, she was able to fight off the cancer. Today she is a strong, healthy and proud cancer survivor. Finally, I believe all cancer patients should be able to fight off cancer and by giving them the right treatments, and catching the cancer early, we can help them do this.

To conclude, I feel it is very important for someone to receive the right treatments early. We can do this by spending more money on cancer research and treatments. I feel very strong about this topic and hope you will help in making this happen.



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