how inflexible teachers are when they teach while just assuming that the flexible students are slow, when its themselves.

Dear ms or mr future president,

Hello, I'm very glad you yourself are reading this. I am a 13 year old girl that had problems with learning through textbook, yet i am a wonderful artist and is very smart, social, adventurous, athletic (I play football) and kind. I have a couple things i I want to ask of you being president and all, as it may be a problem towards american students not only, but also citizens in general. For I have a problem with the way students and teachers are being taught. “What are you talking about?” you may say. What i'm trying to say is that teachers are being taught to teach students one way, and that way is inflexible. some teachers are trying their best to be flexible and that's great, but others don't. And i think this is a problem because i am one of the many students that need that attention. There are hundreds of students in the united states that fail a grade or worse because the students say that their teacher wasn't flexible. And recently i was failing about three classes, but now that i've told them what and how i wasn't understanding, my grades have gone through the roof! I'm really excited and i think that students all around america who have theise problems with learning in a certain ways ether it be a special need, or they just need help understanding, should share their struggles and reach out to their teachers, and that's because you shouldn't have to do everything for their students, because in this case every one has to work together and i need your help to tell people, teachers and students, it has obviously helped me a bunch, yet i do have to acknowledge that it may not help everyone but i think it would be worth more than a shot. All we have to do is warn them. Warn the teachers and students. Give a speech, and put your heart into it and give it to the people so they do listen and feel like they need to. I really think america needs this and i really just need your help, like i said, we, they need to help each other. And this could be the beginning to a whole new america, a whole new beautifully intelligent america.

Sincerely, d (the one of the many)