Cyrus R. Texas

Why We Should Raise Minimum Wage

Reasons that the next President should raise minimum wage.

Dear, mr or madam President

Imagine how hard it is struggling to pay bills and be able to pay for food and clothes well most americans are living that nightmare. One of the biggest problems facing america is poverty because a lot of people can not afford to live in this economy because they are only getting paid minimum wage. Mr or Mrs president one of the biggest problems in our country is minimum wage and you need to raise it. You Should focus on this problem because it is leading to widespread poverty . Another reason you should focus on this issue is that the minimum wage is not a “living wage”. Our founding fathers wrote that one of the purposes of government was to “promote the General Welfare”.

Mr. or Mrs. president should focus on the issue of minimum wage because it is becoming a major problem in the united states. 15% of the united states is in poverty right now and a big reason is because minimum wage is so low and they can't afford to pay their bills or to buy food for themselves or even their kids. if you were to raise minimum wage we could have less poverty and more happy people in this country

Another reason you Mr. or Mrs president should focus on this issue is that it is in the constitution to promote general welfare and the constitution has worked for hundreds of years when are you going to do the right thing and raise minimum wage?

Some people may think raising minimum wage is not the right thing to do and because “people who make minimum wage are just teenagers who want extra spending money” or “people who get paid minimum wage don't do any of the important jobs” and That's completely incorrect 58.7 percent of people who get paid minimum wage are actually not teenagers but adults who need to live on their own and pay bills and they can't pay bills because they are only getting paid $7.25 an hour.

I hope you Mr. or Mrs. president have read this letter and now want to focus on raising minimum wage because it is and has been a major problem for a very long time i hope you decide to make a change a change for the good.

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These are the wonderful ideas of my 8th grade students and their advice to the next President of the United States.

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