Selma B. Illinois

Education for Everyone

Education provides many opportunities and everyone needs education.

Dear future president,

70000000 children do not have education in the world, this will impact more than 70000000 lives. Education provides jobs, food, money and much more. Just being able to read and write opens up an new world full of opportunities. Education for everyone will stop all of our problems as a country and much more.

7.125 billion people are homeless in the world, this could change if we gave everyone a chance to learn. John Morris states “With the right support, there's no reason young homeless people cannot remain in education.” this shows that students want to have education because they know it can turn their life around. Along with that Ali stated that e started to sell drugs because he had no money and he also took drugs, homeless people do this because they are not educated so they don't have good resources and son know why drugs are bad for you. Education is important and we need to provide it to everyone.

Homelessness isn't the only thing not having education can cause. Without having education people are not experienced and the resources in a place slowly start to crumble. “450,000 cases of active TB in 2013” TB statistics states, this is because not alot of people in africa are educated, so they have less doctors, which means people can not get the TB shot, this endangers many people's lives. Education is the answer to saving more people's lives.

Education is also very important because without education people make very bad decisions. “3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year.” is explained by Do something. Ex education would help lower the amount of girls each year by teaching them how teen pregnancy can change their life. Education is highly important and teaches us the right choices to make.

However Carol Christ states “free public college tuition for all is not the best use for such funding” this is stating that college should only be for people who pay. However free and a good education is necessary for a child and adult's life. Man people also believe that is we don’t pay than the school will not have money and that they would not be a good school. This is why we need schools that we don’t have to pay for because without it many people end up with a bad life and die early on because of drugs and alcohol.

Education is necessary for everyone, and without education our country will be in ruins.

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 5/6

Ms. McGovern's Period 5/6 ELA Class

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