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Students and families aren't able to afford education because of how expensive it is.

Dear future President,

I am writing to you today because higher education needs to change. Anyone that wants to go to college to be successful shouldn’t have to go through their loans to try to pay for it, especially if they know they can be really successful with what they wanna do but it is way too expensive for families to afford and it's destroying people's bank accounts. I am writing to you as a future college student. I have heard a lot of bad stories about college debt and that is very scary and not something I want to go through.

College is way too expensive for an average person. When someone wants to go to college but can’t because it's way too expensive for them, they either don’t go to college, or they use loans. They usually end up going into debt because of how expensive it is. We should offer free education up until the 12th grade. Once students get to college they usually end up going into debt, because of how expensive it is. Students that are usually going to college go and try to pay for it through students loans. Student loans is one of the biggest problems in 2016. "More than 25% of students who take on college debt are graduating way too much of it, this leading expert says, and the repercussions could be lifelong" (Mark Kantrowitz)

Other people that disagree with me may be more wealthy people since they have a lot of money. They usually think that college prices aren't’ even that big of a deal. But me personally, I think that there are some families that try so hard to let their kids go to college. Then these families end up not being able to do that for them because they just can’t afford it because of how high the prices are and now i really think that should change.

The future president should fix this by trying to lower the prices for some colleges, so some families can actually send their kids to college. One way you could try and fix this is by lowering the profit in some of these schools. It is way too high for some families to afford and you can’t say that you don’t wanna give kids education when they actually want it/ need it.

Thank you future president, for taking your time and reading my letter. I think this is a very important for our generation in 2016, because of how many people aren’t able to go to college because of how expensive it is.



Kantrowitz, Mark. "TIME | Current & Breaking News | National & World Updates." Time, 11 June 2016. Web. 07 Nov. 2016

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