Homelessness in the US

This should not be a big problem for the US.

 Dear president

An issue that i think needs to fixed is homelessness.  There are thousands of homeless people living on the streets, just in 2016 there are 564,708 homeless people, including young children.

According to NBC news 1 in 30 children are homeless, which means there are over 2.5 million kids without a place to call home. Just in Austin, Texas there are over 2,197 homeless people.  Below is a photo of homeless people in line for the nightly bed lottery at the 175-bed Austin Resource Center for the Homeless.

I think that the next president should make more shelters for homeless people to stay in with clothes and working showers and washers and driers so they can clean himself up and be able to take care of themselves.

There are many homeless people who need help with substance abuse and/or mental illness.  38% of homeless people are addicted to alcohol and 26% of homeless people are addicted to other drugs. I think there should be more help centers for the homeless so they can make their lives better.

One thing the US should do is cut 15% out of the military and spend it on helping homeless get the help they need.

Thanks for reading my letter