Delajah G. Illinois

School Systems Expectations Are Overwhelming

Being a teen in high school can be really stressful, which is why the school systems needs to be altered.

Dear future president,

The issue about high school students being pressured with what's expected of them needs to be raised. It can be really tiring when being in school for six hours, being in extra curricular activities, and/or having a job, and still having to rest to prepare for the next day.

It can be hard to be the best test taker when teachers are constantly moving  from one unit to another in the same week. Students can cram in studying, but it's hard to do all of this in 24 hours. The fact that we're considered kids, but yet have to have so many responsibilities amazes me. We have to have good grades and still have some type of extracurriculars to make our transcript look good.

Even though I get good grades and participate in many things to help my transcript stand out, I still have to test well. On top of that, tuition is a lot, even in community colleges! What if I couldn't participate in extra curriculars because I spend so much time studying and working my butt off to get the best grades I could possibly get?

It still wouldn't be enough. It's really overwhelming thinking about how well I have to do in high school, especially junior year. From standardized  tests, scholarships, grades, social life, studying, homework...the fact that the list goes on gives me a headache.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only student that feels this way. If you'd survey 100 high school students, I guarantee more half will tell you they are tired of school. It can be too much as times. Even when we are given a break, we're still having homework piled on us.

In conclusion, we need a smoother school system to take the stress off us and allow us to still be "kids."

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