Jake Texas

We need guns

Dear future president, I think concealed carry and owning guns is a very important thing right now because some people don’t want people to be able to carry weapons when a lot do. I think that concealed carry is very important for protection from animals and unfortunately people. Being able to own a weapon can save a person's life if they are attacked or their house is invaded. What happens when someone gets a weapon illegally and no one else has a gun to even protect himself? Some people hunt for hides or meat to make a living. If you can't own a gun then hunting would be much harder for everyone who does not use a bow or something like that. Maybe getting a gun is too easy, but for pistols you must have a license in most if not all states. Getting a long gun does not need a permit or license, but they take more paperwork to get and there is a test to take. For many people, getting a handgun can be very important if they are going somewhere that could be dangerous. In many ways people can be dangerous, murderers and people like that especially. There are many bad people out in the world and on the streets so carrying a handgun could save your life. If people were not allowed to carry guns then many will carry guns anyway. The people that carry them anyway could be bad and may attack people who don't have anything to defend themselves. The World is a Bad Place. As much as we wish it wasn’t, the world we know today is not the same one we knew years ago. There is more crime and violence than in other historical periods. You just never know when or where something bad will happen. If you think that people with depression or mental disabilities may do unfortunate things then they should not be allowed to carry guns. In the end I think that many people need guns for a large variety of things so not taking guns away might be for the best. Jake Source: http://www.wideopenspaces.com/10-reasons-consider-a-concealed-carry/