Rylan R. Michigan

Participation Trophies

What values are we instilling into the youth of today?

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on your recent election. The campaign trail was most likely long and difficult yet, now that you have been elected your job is just beginning. I believe that there are a lot of problems in the United States right now that might require your attention, however, addressing certain issues could possibly help take care of other issues. Maybe your efforts will not benefit the United States right now, but hopefully your positive reforms will live on to benefit the nation in the future. One thing that I believe will benefit the United States of America a great deal is the instillation of specific values in the youth of today, the future leaders of tomorrow. So, I propose we remove any practices that demean the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I do not think this is an unreasonable request, and if it truly is not then I ask you, the President of the United States of America, why are we as a nation allowing participation trophies, recognitions, and awards be given to the youth? The problem with these participation awards is that they do not encourage hard work. Instead they instill the ideal that people should be recognized just for trying. Can you imagine if that were the case? The Olympics would be pathetic in my opinion. The medal stand would not mean as much and we would have to listen to every single competitor’s National Anthem. It seems simple on the Olympic level, does it not? So why are we preparing the children today so differently? Allow me to answer that, we should not be preparing our children differently. We should focus on instilling the values that made this country successful into the future generation.


Rylan Rawson 

Okemos High School

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