Emily Michigan

How will you help?

Lead us. How will you help the victims in a crisis?

Dear Future President,

There will always be tragedy in this world. You can try to prevent the bad, but some will always seep through. We live in a world where people have free will, and accidents happen. Sadly, “good guys” can’t control everything. However, we can control our reactions to when disasters do strike.

As President of the United States, you have powers that very few others do. People will look to you in a time of crisis and you can guide them on. I believe there are four simple questions to help you assess a crisis, to help others. 1)Who was hurt? 2)Why were they hurt? 3)Should we help them? 4)How can we help them? Using these devices correctly, I believe you can make a difference.

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, are an example of devastating tragedy. Thousands of Americans were killed and over 33,000 first responders suffer from illnesses related to the attack (Pereira). These devices could have been used here.

Who was hurt?

The people present at the attacks sights, first responders, clean up crews, and their families.

2) Why were they hurt?

Terrorists made the decision to attack America. First responders were killed and injured trying to save lives. Clean-up crews were injured when trying to rebuild. Families of those killed or injured, suffered from emotional and financial distraught.

3) Should the government help them?

Absolutely. These americans were innocent victims, many whom risked their lives to save others. These people fought for America, we should help them, as they helped us.

4) How can the government help them?

We cannot bring back the lives that were lost, but their families can be helped, as well as others that survived, but now suffer from major ailment. They should be given free health care and financial compensation for their losses.

By answering these basic questions, things become manageable. With the James Zadroga Act, the government did help these people. This is right and just, but took much too long to pass. 

“'Passage of the Zadroga bill was a long, hard fight for the brave cops, firefighters and construction workers who put their lives and health on the line at ground zero,'” said Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.), (McAuliff). 

Passing this bill took over 14 years of protest which is frankly ridiculous. These victims should have received this relief much sooner, and without a fight with congress.

Do you want to lead a country that treats our citizens like this? You get to decide what kind of country you want America to be, but that means nothing without action towards those goals. We all fear of tragedy, but I fear our country may fail to help the victims of them. We only get one life. Why should we let others suffer, when we can help them. I hope, and challenge you to use your new power to help influence the way our government helps our nation’s people. Our nation is founded on the principles of what is right and just. I hope we don’t forget that.

Good Luck,


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