Paul S. Michigan

Jobs and the economy

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Dear President,

Our country is in an unemployment crisis. Our economy is stagnant and job growth is minimal. The nation needs you to put in place policies that will revive the economy and create jobs all over the nation. For starters, the biggest job destroyer in the country is bad government policies, and its time they get fixed. One of the worst government policies today is our tax policy. We are the highest taxed nation on earth. Think about that. Our country literally raises and raises taxes to the point of companies either going bankrupt or being forced to leave the country and move overseas. Our corporate tax rate is the highest in the world at 35 percent, and you wonder why companies are leaving the u.s. It is time we dramatically lower taxes for everyone. Companies should have their taxes dramatically cut so they have the money to invest in their company and grow it and expand it so more jobs are created. Every day people of all incomes should have their taxes dramatically cut as well so that they have more money in their pocket to spend which grows the economy and companies which in turn create more jobs. Taxes aren’t the only thing holding back economic growth, excessive regulation on business is also crushing the economy. When the government creates a list of ridiculous demands businesses must meet it costs them mass amounts of money to pay for all of it. This results in less money the company has to grow and expand and prevents more jobs from being created and stiffens the economy. It also leads to more expensive products for the consumer which also means they can't buy as much also hurting the economy. The biggest impact over regulation has is on the poor as their the ones who struggle to pay for things and every day things have their prices go through the roof as a direct result of expensive production costs due to unnecessary costly regulation. This has to stop if we ever want our country to return to true prosperity not the stale economic halt we are at today. As the president I hope you can understand this and take action to cut taxes and cut regulations so that we can have our nation prosper and succeed.


Paul Sikorskii

Okemos High School

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