Christopher V. Michigan

Racial Profiling Among Black Males

Racial profiling among black males has created a tension between the police for and the people of the black community. This has become an ongoing issue and needs to be addressed.

Dear Next President,

Racial profiling has become a force in the United States that we can no longer try to ignore. Racial profiling by police is the use of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, in deciding of whom to arrest and or detain. Examples of racial profiling include Muslims being labeled as terrorists, Latin Americans being labeled as illegal immigrants, and African Americans being labeled as gang members. This prejudice is not only unfair and unjust, it also causes tension between the citizens of the United States and those appointed with the duty to protect them; The Police.

In a recent wake of events, it has become apparent that black males have faced a senseless amount mistreatment and have been murdered by police officers. This has formed a mistrust between black citizens in the community. There has become more fear of police rather than seeking them for protection and security.

We’ve been seeing an increased amount of protest that have often turned violent. The solution? Make peace among the people. Hold police to a higher standard to complete the jobs that they have been assigned without always reaching for a gun. Make police go through more training before they aren’t sent out in the field with weapons. Black males view police as a militant force that can do what they want and get paid time off.

As the next President, this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Black Americans can no longer live their lives in constant fear of being gunned down by people appointed to protect them.

Sincerely, Chris

Carman-Ainsworth High School

Carman-Ainsworth High School

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