Janessa W. Missouri

Money Value Decrease

Money Value Decrease

Dear Mr. President,

The increasing rates of the decline in the value of our hard earned dollar is very

troublesome. I am a senior of Richland High School and am staring graduation and my future in it’s face. The fact that I am worried about that because of the way that I know my money will be of little to no value by the time I reach that point is rather terrifying. I have been raised up in a life where I was taught to earn what I have, to give myself a more appreciative outlook on life. However I am starting to feel like soon it will not matter how much time and effort I put into any job because at the end of the day, I still will not be able to make enough money for it to amount to anything. For a girl who has worked for everything she has since the age of 14, this is disturbing.

I know that we are currently stretching the dollars across an overpopulated

country, but the value should not be decreasing. For example the decrease of the money’s value is evidenced by saying “anyone living off their savings will have seen the true value of their money decline by 11 percent.” as seen in the article “This Recovery Can’t be Sustained” by Evening Standard. Is this really what we want to have to tell people? That everything that they have worked for and saved is all just sitting there wasting away rather than building up like it was promised to us? I believe that is very wrong. We are given the freedom to make of our lives what we want, but if all our money does is decline in value, then even the best of the best jobs that we can bring back to the U.S. will mean nothing because what we make off of them would mean nothing.

So, in conclusion, I do believe that we should be finding ways to lower costs or

bring back the value of our hard earned dollars. If we pull together to make this happen I believe that we will have a greater and much happier America. We will know that the things that we do will create a better future for us and create a better emotion around America. Knowing you are securing a good future for yourself starting right now gives a security to people. This is what I believe will start to bring back the good values of America.


Janessa Wonder