Hannah M. Minnesota

Unity for America

President Trump, I would first like to say that I'm happy that you won the election. The severe division of people after the election was sad for me. My friends that aligned with themselves with the Democratic Party would sulk around and make often rude remarks about you and me calling me racist, xenophobic, stupid, and misogynistic. I was saddened about how throughout America people protested saying "Not My President." It was sad that the people before the election who said not accepting the results was "not American and not democratic" were now the ones being hypocritical. I wanted to share my feelings on this issue and let you know that while I don't agree with their views, their opinions should be heard and addressed. I think that you should work towards uniting Americans by using the fact that you aren't a politician. You were a businessman who had to start from somewhere just like all other Americans. You had to work hard in order to get where you are in life. Some people in today's society don't get that. They think that they were naturally born without a chance to make it big and that life has prevented them from doing that. I would like you to tell them that it isn't anyone's fault but their own. They can make a difference. For that reason, I agree with your position on lowering taxes because taxing the better-off Americans is a short-term solution if that. It will only continue the life-long cycle of needing welfare and never getting the able-bodied Americans on it on their feet and working. Overall, I would say keep doing what you are doing and fight for America. Fight for those Americans working hard every day to have the life they want. Fight for those Americans fighting overseas and protecting America. Fight for the people in disagreement with you. In order to be remembered as a good President, unite the people and fight everyone because that is what America is.