Noelle Michigan

Abortion should be against the law

Abortion should be against the law and here is why.

2nd November 2016

Dear Mr. or Madam president,

As president, I feel that you should reverse “Roe v.s. Wade".  Abortion should be considered murder. In the 1980’s, Roe v.s. Wade took place. I feel that we should revisit this law, because in the past 36 years, the people's opinion has changed. Pro-life support has gone up, and pro-abortion choice has gone down (Alters) The annual march for protesting against abortion is something that Paula Quinn of Gaithersburg has attended to for a little over a century. She stated in the article "Roe vs. Wade","By doing something like this, it's stirring people's emotions up, this is about saving babies' lives." Paula’s opinion is important because she has experienced a lot in her time. All and all, the “Roe v.s. Wade” law should be revisited and you should see what the people of the 21st century think of abortion for an updated opinion. The people's opinion has changed, and their fight for pro-life has increased, while pro-choice has decreased.



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