Molly W. Iowa

Restoring Morals and Values

Dear Future President,

I would like to address the fact that our country has completely veered away from morals and values. I was raised in a Catholic, conservative household. Because of this, I feel very strongly that we must make decisions based on what is the right thing to do and understand that we humans do not know everything. Sometimes, we need to acknowledge that what we want is not always what is right.

A few issues that really stand out to me as being immoral and wrong are abortion and assisted-suicide. Both are done because of convenience, and because we do not trust that God knows what he is doing and that he will never give us anything we cannot handle. We are putting our own selfish needs first, and there is no way we can be successful both as a nation and individually if we do not have the best interests of others and the world as reasoning behind everything we do. As I watch the news and pay attention to other people, I really notice the sense of entitlement and selfishness that we Americans possess. It really is saddening.

Now, I think we must find a solution to this problem; however I do not think that handing out more money to the poor is the answer. Being forced to pay incredibly high amounts of taxes does not make people better. The same goes for the poor. Giving them all this free money is not going to help them. It is giving them an excuse to be lazy and unproductive members of society, and it instills within them a great sense of greed.

So, what is my solution? I think that we must revert back to common sense on resolving issues. I also think that deep down everybody has good in them. The hard part is training people to find that good, and make decisions from it. That is why I think you, as president, can help. You are in a perfect position to help spread the word and share with people that our country cannot and will not become a better place until each individual citizen does something to make it better. I hope you can stress to us the importance of putting the good of others before ourselves, and that we must not always make the convenient choice, but the right choice.


Molly W.