Alex P. Louisiana

Police Disrespect

Everyone should be treated equally, including our police workforce.

Dear Mr. Or Madam President:

Before I propose a solution to this issue, there have been a number of police shootings in which a fatality has occurred. Also, let me make it known that the things that have happened to the victims are terrible. Police shootings have happened all across our country in the past year. This issue has affected the way people treat policemen, and it can cause people to disrespect their profession. We should care about this issue, because people today are losing the understood respects policemen are supposed to be given. The police workforce have an extremely stressful life that sometimes be overbearing. Many people have their opinion about police brutality, as do I. Though the law enforcement officers are human and do make mistakes, the vast majority of them are genuinely good people and deserve respect.

You have to be an extremely brave person to go out and risk your life everyday; being a policeman is a tough job. After all, they are humans too. On the website,, a writer says, "Yes, Police risk their lives for us millions of Americans respect our troops who risk their lives for our freedom. Why can't the police get the same respect when they risk their lives everyday for our safety? The police do way more good than anyone ever gives them credit for and it is about time we change that." I agree with this statement. Police get a bad rap when something negative happens. The police force works extremely hard everyday to protect our country. People make mistakes but you can't label the workforce destructive, as a whole, when a few out of the 800,000 policemen do something wrong. According to CNS news, Kevin Gates, a local Baton Rouge rapper, has voiced his opinion on several different occasions. Gates had an uneasy upbringing. He started selling drugs at an early age, but he was an extremely intelligent kid. Scoring a 31 on his ACT, he got his degree while being incarcerated. Gates stated "I have been beaten up by a cop before, but I was belligerent." He also said that this hasn't happened since he's changed his ways and respected other people's profession. He mentioned the drama and ridicule the police force has been receiving. I respect everyone's opinions on the police shootings; I believe that if we come together as a country and resolve a situation like this, the world will be a better place. It is up to the next President to encourage the people of America to respect everyone you encounter in life.

When someone is biased towards something it's hard to look at both sides of the situation. I have tried to put myself in other people's shoes, and it is extremely difficult. I have been fortunate enough to have parents that put me in the best position to succeed in life. They have encouraged me to do the right thing no matter what it is that I may encounter. I have many close acquaintances that work in the police force, and growing up I was taught to thank them for their service any chance I had. My question to the next President is what can be done to resolve this conflict. Should a law be passed to prevent disrespect towards policemen? I know this process will not be an immediate fix, but it's something that needs to be brought to America's attention. We shouldn't be picking sides in a situation like this. Everyone in the world should be appreciated and respected equally, including our law enforcement.

Cedar Creek School

Cedar Creek School

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