jose Georgia

Give Me Your Ammunition

The police need to stop violence because it is affecting our community!

Dear Future President,

Good day Madam or Mister President. Over the past two years, I have seen a lot of police misconduct. I hope, as president, you would like to decrease the amount of police violence.

Every time I see the news, I see someone getting kill by police officer and most of the people that get killed are black Americans, and I think this might be because of racism in the United States. I have seen a lot of protesting about police violence, and I think that you as president and the Congress should do something about it because the Congress for the two past years hasn’t done anything about this problem. It is not a small problem, either. It affects kids, families, communities, and all of this civilization.

You should help police departments decrease violence. Officers should be trained not to use their weapons spontaneously if they see a crime occur. Instead, they should just use the stun gun to stop a suspect. If the police are going to arrest a suspect and that person tries to escape, the officers should not shoot him with a real bullet gun; they should just use the stun gun or a peerless gun. The police can just shoot one shot because the stun gun or the peerless gun would just put him/her down and not kill the suspect. Then the police would have time to arrest him/her .

Please, future President, I hope you understand this. I don’t want to live in a world with violence and or in a world where I have to survive not getting killed by police officers, especially if I’m innocent.

Thank you,

Jose C.