Lee L. Louisiana

College Tuition

Basically, college students in Louisiana are having problems affording college tuition and there are questions on what our next president will do about it?

Dear President, 

                           I would like to address the issue of TOPS in Louisiana. As you may know, TOPS requirements have increased causing an inability for some students to afford college tuition. This is important to the majority of Louisiana since the area is mainly rural and it is difficult to make a buck. Where I come from, poverty (or close to it) strikes the population in masses. No money equals no college. For some, TOPS is the only chance they will get to have a great education for another chance at having a successful life.

                          Through your help, the federal government could have the possibility of funding TOPS in each of the fifty states. Doing so will help certain states with their financial needs gaining the ability to obtain TOPS easier for college students. I believe Louisiana limited TOPS because of the budget cuts needed for avoidance of a financial crisis. If this becomes federally funded, it will become a lot easier for a student to afford the costs of college causing increase in our educated population. In our society, we need more educated people to benefit at least a little from the country's problems including: violence, crime, and even unemployment.                       

                          What can you do to help benefit the needs of students in the "poor states"? Facing financial issues will always occur around the rural parts of the country. On the other hand, there will always be something our leader can do to disintegrate some of those problems. The poor population is increasing; do not let that happen anymore. Are you up for the challenge? Thanks in advance.