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Respecting the badge

Police need more respect.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on your recent winning the presidential race. I am writing this to explain how there needs to be more respect for the police office in this countries.

Police officers have been protecting citizens all around the world for hundreds of years. Over every single one of these officers hearts there is a badge clipped to their uniform. From the thoughts of a police officer these badges mean honor and sacrifice. From a citizen's point of view it could give them a sense of protection or on the other hand it could put fear into their body. No matter what this means to someone it should always be respected during any circumstance. These men and women that come to work everyday to protect and keep citizens safe. Those things are done while they are putting their lives on the line for others. Even while these officers know that their brothers in blue are being killed they still go to work everyday and that takes a lot of courage to do so. If the police force could get the public's support then everything else would slowly fall into place.

O'Reilly says,”Young people are disrespecting the authority”(Filming Cops). This is one of the biggest things that needs to be helped before it is too late. If young people already are not respecting police then that attitude will continue to stick with them throughout their whole life. These young people that are not respecting police is caused by the media and rumors of things happening. The media is a large reason why the people are starting to lose respect to the police. The media adds stuff to things that cops did and it makes what they did seem ten times worse. The respect needs to be gained back from them more than anyone because if they lose the respect then when they have kids they will raise their kids not to respect the police.

The so called “Peaceful Protests” that people have after someone is killed by a police officer, causes more trouble than if they had just let the law decide if the officer was wrong or right for his action(Police Officers: Authority and Accountability). After the shooting of Ferguson people chanted,”No Justice, No Peace,” this statement could possibly be true in some ways, but when there is, there cannot be justice in a place of anarchy(Why We Should Respect Law Enforcement). For some reason when people protest they think they can break any law and get away with it. Then when something is done about their actions by the police they get even more angry at the police. At this time police just cannot make some citizens happy with anything they do. Those people just come out with the mindset of hatred towards the police. People need to understand that if one police officer does something wrong it does not mean that all police are bad.

Some people think that it is fine to disrespect police officers due to many different reasons. Some of their reasons are along the line of if the cops can do it we can do it too. They need to understand that cops do not come to work with the mindset of shooting someone or using excessive force on someone. When they respond to a call they react to the situation based on what is happening. People also need to remember the old saying never bring a knife to a gunfight. If a person has a gun and is waving it at an officer or tries to pull it out on an officer, the cop is not going to try to tackle the person. He is going to try to keep him and the community safe by taking the threat out any way he can. 

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