Peyton R. Louisiana

Our Economic Status

This letter is just an overview of where I stand in my beliefs of what our labor and business field should look like. Lower taxes will encourage businesses and restore one of the missing pieces of our country, our jobs.

Dear Future President,

   First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Peyton Roberson and I am sixteen. I attend Delta Charter School in Ferriday, Louisiana. I am very interested in how you plan on leading our country and how you plan to handle each issue that comes our way. I know that there is so much controversy about whether to lower or increase taxes or not, but what do you think we should do? How are you going to stop businesses from leaving the country or going out of business? How are you going to encourage the build-up of new businesses? 

    I believe that the best way to encourage business, is to lower taxes. This will influence entrepreneurs to start a new business. Once businesses stop leaving, the supply of jobs will start to be renewed. Jobs and businesses aren't the only issues at hand, either. Where do you stand on paid maternity leave? Paid maternity leaves should already be in order. The rate of females in the labor force has steadily increased and is still increasing. I believe it is very important that while a mother is out of work from the birth of a child, that she is paid. If paid maternity leave is put in place for all states, then the labor force for women will be restored and the amount of women returning to work after giving birth to a child will increase greatly. 

   In conclusion, I know that the future president will be a great leader and express all the qualities of a great president. Although, if these regulations were put in place, our country would grow economically and socially. The tax decrease would bring the largest increase in jobs and businesses than ever before. Also, the paid maternity leave will encourage more women to stay in the labor force. Overall, the job force will grow and have our country on the top. I hope you take this into consideration while serving as our president. Thank you!


                         Peyton Roberson

Delta Charter School

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