Victor R. Florida

Do Black Lives Or Is It Really All Lives Matter?

Dear Upcoming President, You know of the controversy between the police and the , "Black Lives Matter Movement ". I have been thinking about this topic for quite a while,so in this letter I ask, "Is it only black lives that matter or should it be all lives matter "? I admit my own perspective comes from being the proud son of a police officer who I admire and respect. First things first; is it just police officers, White, Black, Asian and Hispanic looking for African Americans to attack??; are police called into neighborhoods where some black youth have been taught to disrespect and hate any one who is an authority figure? Secondly, If black lives matter why is their so much black on black crime? Black kids are killing each other at a much higher rate than police officers killing black people period. Finally ,upcoming President,what do you personally think about the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT?` When you talk about this issue do you think that it is acceptable that we have black youth rioting and burning businesses? Jumping on police cars before finding out the facts of the case where a person was killed by a cop and blacks killing and targeting police officers of all colors because they are angry? There are killings of black people by racist cops to be sure , but let's get this done right! Thanks for reading this letter,I hope it made a difference. Victor R. 08 Renaissance Charter at Palms West, Florida