Ethan L. Iowa

Gun Control

One very controversial topic right now in our country is gun control. I personally do not think guns should be that big of an issue. There are gun permits in place to be able to buy guns. I am very passionate about this topic because my family has grown up hunting together, and we have clay pigeons to shoot as well. If the government would take away guns, it would be very depressing, since I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this experience with my kids when they get to an appropriate age. I personally have three guns already and would love to purchase more of them. I don’t think guns are the problem; I think some of the people with the guns are the problem. If you take away guns, then people will resort to other methods of violence like fire, knives, bow & arrows, and their fists. A simple fact is that guns are used for protection 80 times more each year than they are used to hurt someone. The craziest fact I witnessed while researching is that guns are used to protect women over 200,000 times in a sexual assault cases a year. A study I researched found that 3/5 of convicted felons wouldn’t target a person who they suspected was carrying a gun. Guns are protected in the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights for a reason. Our Founding Fathers felt that the right to bear arms was a right that all individuals were entitled to. In conclusion, I believe the current rules and regulations should remain the same. If anything, you could add a test to measure mental capacities prior to owning a gun. Honestly, when you really think about it, it will be merely impossible to enforce additional gun laws. If you can’t enforce it, then I really don’t think you have to do anything about this topic. The majority of Americans support gun rights; don't change something that is supported by the majority. -Sincerely, Ethan L.