Daniel C. Michigan

What do we do with all these guns?

Gun control is not the only option. Our founding fathers made the second amendment for a reason. There is a way to control the violence in america without abolishing our right to bear arms.

Dear Future President

You are probably familiar with the battle over the battle of gun control. As a farmer and hunter, firearms influence my everyday life, and this is a subject that is very important to me. Growing up, my mom and dad hunted, and I was used to firearms, and thought not too much of them. After I began to start shooting guns myself, I realized how much fun they where. This began the love for firearms in my life. I saw them as a tool, and like any other tool, If they are used the wrong way, or used carelessly, they can cause serious, and sometimes fatal accidents. This is what causes the "gun violence" scare in the U.S.

You may be wondering why gun violence was in quotations. That's because the gun doesn't do anything violent. It is an inanimate object that cannot act without someone wielding it. The only reason we control the guns is because it is easier to control than people, as a gun cannot fight back, or think for itself. A knife is an inanimate object, and it is easier to obtain and be used to harm somebody, but if used correctly, it can be used to prepare food, or to open containers. But some could argue.

There is a lot of people who believe the lie about the "gun show loophole" and that "you can walk into any gun store and walkout with an AR-15". It has been tested over and over again and you cannot do it. You tuber Steven Crowder, tested this in one of his videos and went to several gun stores, and gun shows, and could't purchase the gun without a background check. Also, according to Fox News, a news reporter tried to buy and AR 15 to show how easy they are to obtain. In the end, he failed the background check because of his history of drug abuse, and domestic battery involving his wife. So yeah, its not that easy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   But one of the more important thing is that a large majority of gun owners are responsible and take good care of their firearms. Approximately 300,000,000 firearms are in the U.S., and according to everytownresearch.org, 11,184 people are killed by guns a year and 20,511 commit suicide with a gun. If you combine the two, they account for %0.00010565 of the firearms in the U.S. So my question is, why would you punish those who use their firearms wisely?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

So what I would like to see done, is to provide more services for the drug and alcohol abusers, or those who are having suicidal thoughts. The reason being is that this is the majority of the people committing to the violent use of guns. I would also like to see more awareness for stopping these violent actions. Another step to stopping these mass shootings, or loss of life in general, is to allow citizens with a licence to concealed carry everywhere. No person with his/her right mind will go into a school, or workplace that has people inside, who are armed, and will defend themselves if needed. Lastly I would like to see more enforcement and investigation on illegal gun possession, and I would like to see less gun control in areas where it is not needed, and more, to a reasonable degree, where it is needed.

Thank you very much for letting me borrow some of your valuable time. I hope that this letter influenced you, and that you have a great four years in office! 

Sincerely, Daniel the PRO GUN AMERICAN