Lindsey Minnesota

Road Construction

This letter is requesting better organization and project management on construction projects, for the safety and sake of all people.

Dear President,

Robert Street, in West St.Paul Minnesota has been full of construction for over a year. The road construction really makes it hard for people in the city to get to there destinations in an efficient way. Half of the street is always closed off because of all the construction, making a one way road on a very busy street. Taking back roads and having to go around blocks to get to the destination is very frustrating and takes a lot of time. Also the project is working very slowly and doing bits at a time, which makes that whole part of the street inaccessible. The project’s cost is going up higher because they keep changing their idea other than what was told, or there just not doing what they said they would. Like making a nice center barrier in the middle of the road separating the currency. Everyone who lives in the area has to not only pay higher taxes, but have to pay even more than they expected.

According to the article “Road Construction Paved With Problems”, on Marketplace, 43 percent of the road and highway projects under construction aren't finished on time. Not only are they not finished on time, but the costs of these construction plans are sometimes higher than told. Having this many construction projects take so long can really become a big issue for cities and towns.

In his article, “Turkey’s Congestion Problem: Why New Roads Aren’t the Answer”, Pinar Kose of The City Fix, reporters that, “ the planning and design of their construction is lacking. “. Construction is very complex and a huge chaos when doing huge projects. More planning and organization should take place in projects like these. Some areas of construction are left there for a couple days or sometimes even weeks. Leaving all that unfinished work is very stressful and traffic just builds up.

Today construction leaves many people with no clear signs of what direction to go through traffic. Busy streets are difficult to go through because where you need to go is always a struggle to find when you can't go certain ways, and there is unclear signs to direct you. With traffic and unclear roadways, comes accidents and lots of it. Many accidents occur in an area of construction, with people already getting accidents in areas that aren't under construction, adding confusing instruction really puts more risk on drivers. The management of construction is very disorganized. The costs of taxes always change because the project never goes well or rarely does and that can cause a lot of stress on people who can't afford it.

Other people say that construction can not be rushed or else that's what causes problems to go wrong. The process needs to be slow and secure in order to have the best results. Also, getting from destinations would not be a problem because there are always different roads you can go to reach where you want to go. See but these arguments aren't always true because there are many problems with road construction.

To improve Road Construction, lots of things are going to have to change or be improved. For example, before starting a project, makes sure it is well thought out so that it is safe and doesn't take over a huge area where people could be using space that isn't being modified. By creating signs and clear pathways, it will create a safer route and reduce the amount of accidents that happen. Then with the taxes and costs, projects should be given very specific price range or a heads up on how much it really will be in the end so that the community isn't hit with a costs they didn't expect. By changing construction requirements, we can make better more efficient ways for everyone to be successful and glad in their decision.

Thank you,

Lindsey r.j. 10th grade, West St.Paul, Minnesota