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Is the Death Penalty Really Necessary?

The Death Penalty can harm the guilty as well as the innocent. End the Death Penalty.

Dear Mr. President, because I am not of the age to vote yet, and with all of the issues going on in world today, I would like to inform you about an issue you may or may not be aware of in the United States, that issue being Death Penalties. While this issue has not currently affected me or my family in any way, shape, or form, it has affected other people and their families, which is why I would like to inform you about the good and bad things that come out of Death Penalties.

The Death Penalty is the harshest punishment you could ever receive, given only to those who have committed capital crimes, it's a death sentence but can also be referred to an execution. While the idea of the Death Penalty could be considered a good thing in some cases, it can also be considered a bad thing in other cases. The reason that Death Penalties could be considered good is because they punish the people who deserve it with their lives while also keeping the public safe from those people. The reason that Death Penalties could be considered bad is because of one main factor “human error”. With that being said there have been a few instances in the United States, in which Death Penalties were given out to the wrong people. Ten of the most infamous wrongful exaction cases included the execution of Claude Jones (in 2000), Jesse Tafero (in 1990), Cameron Todd Willingham (in 2004), Larry Griffin (in 1995), Ruben Cantu (in 1993), David Spence (in 1997), Carlos De Luna (in 1989), Joseph O’Dell (in 1997), Leo Jones (in 1998), and Timothy Evans (in 1949). You can find out why all these people were executed at 10 Infamous Cases of Wrongful Execution. The major cause of giving the wrong person a Death Penalty usually comes from a lack of evidence or even false evidence that is believed to be true.

I believe that there are two ways we can improve the Death Penalty. First of all we could change the way the Death Penalties are sentenced by the Judges, in other words the Judges should not sentence anyone to a Death Penalty until all evidence is collected, checked thoroughly, and is proven to be completely correct. I believe that the only other way to improve Death Penalty would be to simply remove it, because of its flaws and possible outcomes. So please Mr. President I hope you look into this issues and at least try to resolve it, not only for the people affected by Death Penalty but for our entire country.

Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

All juniors are enrolled in a required civics and public policy course called American Public Policy. The capstone project is the Issue Investigation - students identify an issue that can be solved by the creation, modification, elimination of a public policy. Student letters are their first research step in the Issue Investigation process.

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