Kali G. Georgia

Kidnapping Rates

Almost every day, you hear a child has gone missing on the news. An average of 700 children are abducted each day in the U.S.

Dear Future President,

The kidnapping rates in the U.S are increasing instead of decreasing. Therefore,  as our future president, this criminal act should be looked upon in more detail by our law enforcement and law makers. No child should worry about being kidnapped.

Most of the time you hear a child has been abducted or gone missing. It was a lot safer last century than this century. Seven-hundred kidnappings happen everyday. This means, that since the increase of abductions more adults and kids are getting more worried. People may say there are way more important things to worry about and I do not disagree with them, however kidnapping affects the families and the child. There are many preventions that can be done. For instance, having a class for the guardians and children about how to prevent a situation like that.  Also, they can add better security systems in people’s homes.

In July of 2013, people gather in her memory of Janice Pockett. People say she was last seen riding her bike, and she never came back home. Police found her bike a few miles away from her house and thought that she must if have been snatched on her way back home. Her older sister and her cousin and many others remember the day when she went missing. People say that it is very hard to forget the day that it happened in July. As you can see this crime affected a whole community and her family as well.

There was a little girl that was kidnapped and wasn’t found for a few days. They found her miles away from her town. Even though she was found alive,  she is going to be affected later in life or worrying if that is ever going to happen to her again.

To conclude, please future president, let us see those rates not even exist.  


   Kali G