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College Tuition Costs

The cost of college tuition is a controversial topic. Many argue it would be better to provide the fist four years of college free, but others argue that it is not beneficial to provide a free Bachelor's degree. Both sides of the argument are based on valid concerns, and both sides of the argument need to be considered.

Dear President,

The cost of attending colleges and universities is a big concern among people currently. Some argue this can help all Americans to be smarter and to have a more educated society. Others argue that this raises taxes and decreases the value of getting a college degree. Education has been valued from the beginning of the creation of the United States of America as a country. Jefferson and many of the other founding fathers valued education and thought it was important to insuring that people would make informed decisions on how the country needed improvement. This reasoning among the Founding Fathers would lead to a law requiring that currently requires all American citizens to finish high school.

Attending a university and earning a degree is encouraged by today’s society. Earning a degree often times allows for citizens to rise on the social ladder and improve the world with their knowledge. But often times families that are financially struggling can’t afford to help pay for their children to go to college. If these young adults want to earn a degree and better their understanding of a certain field, then they have to pay for their college tuition and use student loans. Student loans often become hard to pay off, and the debt is only paid off after a long period of time and difficult work.

Some people propose a solution that college be paid for by tax-payers. This could enable people regardless of background to achieve a higher level of learning. But some people argue that this could raise the taxes too drastically, and that this would devalue the worth of a college degree. Raising the taxes could be a concern, making it more costly to buy items such as food and clothing. This could end up costing poor families, making it harder to pay their increased taxes on top of already struggling to provide for the family. Another concern of making college more accessible is that it would devalue college degrees. By making the college degree more commonplace, it decreases the rarity and value of someone earning a college degree. Making college degrees more common place would cause people with college degrees they earned previously to a creation of such a law to not be valued as much, when people with the same college degree are more commonplace and would be willing to work for a lower wage.

These are a few of the considerations that are important to take into account when making a decision on such a big topic. The issue of making college degrees more accessible is a controversial issue that requires careful consideration from all points of view. America’s youth today is faced with many challenges, including the costs of college, and none of the issues is less important than any of the other issues.

Thank you, Carter B.

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