Dearest Future President

Letter to the future President

Dearest Mr. Johnson,

October 13, 2016

Firstly, I would like to say I admire your party as a Libertarian. This phenomenal political party goes all the way back to Marquis de Sade, a revolutionary politician in the 1700s, who changed the way sexual expression flourished, without any regard to offending others, their beliefs, or their religious views. The fundamentals down to the core tell us to lead on instinct and will and not to sacrifice our beliefs for the benefit of others; We are all our own persons and what we choose should not be dictated by the wants of others. These principles are important to me as a black female; being told that years ago I would not have the right to vote or count as a full person. More importantly, and a more current event, the topic of Roe vs. Wade has become questioned during this election between the two spotlight hit buffoons; I believe that you would ensure that I have the right to my body; and make sure the gap between control over my body and the government is wide enough for my smile. I do however believe that your views and opinions on climate change is exceptionally stupid and profoundly ignorant, climate change is happening now! Just recently The Great Barrier Reef was declared dead, these problems cannot be ignored; through the power of Checks and Balances I have no doubt that climate change will still be addressed during the next four years and even if its minimal, every small thing we do helps elongate the lifespan of our dear planet.


Mariahna Cutler