Ana L. Florida

Boat Safety Awareness

A letter dedicated to the lives we have lost in US waters and the concern in the lack of safety.

Dear Future President,

I would like to begin by congratulating you on the running and success of your campaign, most importantly a warm welcome into office. As a graduating high school student from Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High located in North Miami Beach, I have recently suffered greatly from a boating incident which really opened my eyes on how easily and frequent coastal states suffer from these type of accidents.

I’d like to challenged the idea of what guidelines should be fit for a boat to be sold in U.S territory, it bewilders me to believe that the placement of a motor on a small boat with a capacity of 5-8 people, could be placed just a few inches away from where the passengers may board the boat after exploring the ocean. As well as the ease that many citizen can procure a boating license with minimal practice, a very few of which have a grasped concept on the dangers of sailing without the proper knowledge on what to do when an incident occurs or the steps to avoid these incidents.

Luciana Montalban and I, have started a campaign for environmental awareness within the deep waters of the ocean and the incidents that may occur. We challenge many corporate and manufacturing decisions seeing as they have met all U.S requirements, this however does not ensure safety within the life of those whom decide that, on a sunny Saturday they may be swimming in the ocean and an ignorant captain will injure them and hopefully they will come out alive, to say the least, a very large percentage is never so lucky. Within the Enumerated Powers, it states that the US has the power to regulate the foreign and interstate commerce, so we ask you please to review the guidelines as to which marine boats may be sold inside the US, before thinking of our national income, please think about the safety of all those future passengers and of those who never made it.

Thank you for considering this matter.


Ana Victoria Leal.