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LTP minimum wage

This is a letter to the president about minimum wage

Dear Madame/Mr. President:

As a model for the rest of the country, you should look at how the 15 dollar minimum wage has affected Seattle. I may be a student, but I do understand how raising the minimum wage will affect  the economy. I strongly believe you and every other politician should oppose the idea of raising the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars. I currently make 15 dollars a hour doing my job, but compared to minimum age workers I work harder to make up for that difference in pay. This proposal will not only affect me but make everyone's jobs hold less value.

We should not change the Federal minimum wage because right now the Federal minimum wage is 7.25, if someone works a 40 hour workweek then that means they earn 15,080 dollars a year, but if the minimum wage is increased to 15 dollars then 31,200 dollars a year. It may sound good, but how will small business survive practically doubling the pay wage. I do not believe small business will have the time, knowledge, or resources to properly adjust to the change in time. Companies that survive will make up for increased cost of production by raising there prices on goods and services to make up for lost profits. Companies will also help cushion the increase by downsizing, making it even harder than it already is to get jobs while decreasing the value those jobs hold.

We should not raise minimum wage. As a worker people try to get a certain comparison to minimum wage, as you may try to stay at a ratio of 2:1 on minimum wage; if these workers who are currently above minimum wage see that skilled positions are paid the same as minimum wage then they will request a competitive wage increase. In total everyone is going to want more money. There will be less available jobs, small businesses will suffer. Finally, in Seattle's case of increasing minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, Seattle has seen its biggest job losses since the Great Depression (Forbes magazine).

I get some people believe this will help lift the economy and help benefit lower in one families but in reality it will practically leave the economy untouched because a increased cost of living will make the raise in pay pointless and leave those lower income families will less opportunities to get jobs. In the end it will be inflation where you have a bigger check but it is not worth any more than before.

I believe we must leave the federal minimum wage the way it is but to help the lower class by aiding them in getting up to middle class by helping them with tax breaks and better opportunities that they must complete themselves to give them drive. I do not believe raising minimum wage is the answer to the problem but only a avoidance to it. We need a direct solution. We must help those who can barely support themselves. We need to help harden the soft spots in the chain. I think we should pull up the lower class by giving them the tools they need to get themselves out not just give them what they ask to let them fall back down.


Christian H.

Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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