Ethen G. Texas

Border Patrol

Improve the U.S. Border Patrol, and make it a safer job.

Dear next President,

Border patrol is responsible for preventing the entry of illegal aliens and terrorists including their weapons, into the United States. While some drug trafficking has gone down, the amount of homicides related to drug trafficking has stayed near the same. Border patrol is a very dangerous job, and it needs to enforce illegal drug trafficking more to keep out drugs and violence.

Border patrol agents face other dangerous factors like extreme weather conditions. states that bulletproof vests are made of heavy materials and are not easy to move around in. This causes agents to easily overheat and sometimes not be ready to chase a suspect at a moment's notice. Bullet proof vests need to be made of better light weight materials so they do not constrict the agent when pursuing suspects.

I hope you take our border patrol seriously and take these dangerous factors into account. Please make the adjustments needed as president. These agents are putting their lives at risk to protect all of us. Do not let them down.


Ethen G.