Nevaeh Davis. Colorado

The Environment

America needs to keep the environment clean by reducing factories, nonrenewable energy, and we need to recycle the plastic trash we use.

Dear Future President,                                                                                                               October 28, 2016

The environment is a big part of our lives, we eat it, we drink it, we live in it and we breath it. We are ruining the environment with all our factories, cars, and trash. I think we should reduce the amount of factories, use more renewable energy to conserve the non-renewable energy, and clean the beaches so the trash doesn’t get into the oceans.

“Industrial pollution can impact your health by introducing harmful particles that can become suspended in the air as well as heavier materials that remain on the surface, contaminating soil and groundwater” (Alonzo, 1). Factories can get rid of the ozone layer that protects us from the sun harmful UV light. Global warming is becoming more and more of a problem, all because of the pollution that humans are giving off.

Renewable energy will take away from the environment but the non-renewable energy already takes more and more of the environment away. ¨Burning fossil fuels produces photochemical pollution from nitrous oxides, and acid rain from sulphur dioxide. Burning fuels also produce greenhouse gases including vast amounts of carbon dioxide that may be causing the phenomenon of global warming that the planet is currently experiencing¨ (School energy monitoring, 1). Non-renewable energy can do more harm than renewable energy because non-renewable energy can do damage to the wildlife as where renewable energy comes from the wildlife itself.

We put more trash in the ocean then we do in our own trash bags.“Humans waste about 14 million trash, and most of it goes in the ocean every year” (360 ECHO TRUST, 1). The trash and garbage wasted can choke, kill, or capture the animals. A sea turtle can swallow a plastic bag and die all because of a human throwing 1 piece of trash in the ocean.

The environment is a big part of our lives. We live, eat, breathe, and drink it.We should reduce the amount of nonrenewable energy, get rid of some factories, and start recycling the plastic that we use. This way America can be safer for our future kids.

Thank you for your time,

Nevaeh Davis