Sydney D. Tennessee

Single Gender Education

Single gender education is very beneficial and will improve American education.

November 7, 2016

Dear Future President,

The American education system is desperately seeking improvements. We need to be open to alternative ideas, such as single gender education. Many people are afraid that single gender education will lead to gender discrimination; however, this is entirely untrue.

Single gender education enhances a child’s performance in school. Studies show that a child’s focus improves 67-69% in a single gender classroom. Students are also more open to participation. When both a student’s focus and participation improve, then their grades are bound to follow; 75% of the 1,700 students surveyed regarding their single gender classroom experience stated that they had improved academically. Children in single gender schools or classes have the advantage of having a classroom environment that stimulates their learning.

In a classroom with only a single gender, there is the ability to tailor the teaching style to that gender. Studies have shown that girls learn better in a bright and nurturing environment, while boys are more accustomed to a competitive environment with lots of physical involvement. When boys have physical involvement in their learning, they are more likely to succeed academically. Girls, on the other hand, are better stimulated in an environment that appeals to social and emotional aspects.

Single-sex education is also proven to help children who are emotionally and cognitively stunted. Males are more represented in special education classes than females; single gender education is shown to decrease the amount of boys seen in special education. Each gender reacts differently to different surroundings. When the two genders are separated, their education can be targeted towards positive neural reactions, which in turn help emotional and cognitive development. Studies also show that children’s coping skills increase by an amazing 72% when they are exposed to the healthy and progressive environment of a single gender classroom.

This body of evidence should be more than enough to persuade those who are uncomfortable with the idea of single sex schooling. Once you are President, providing your support to achieve better understanding single gender education will ensure our country moves forward on this front. Improving education is the first step to bettering the United States of America and making it a great place to live for current and future generations.


Sydney D.

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