Elian S. Tennessee

The Immigrant Need Your Help!!

This letter talks about how to help the immigrants in the US, so that they could prosper and live a better life.

Dear Future President,

I would like to talk about the problem that affects every hispanic family in the United States today. This affects the hispanic families deeply in their day by day being scared they will be separated from their family because of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). This affects me, my family, and my friend. This affects everyone, but it mostly affects the the hispanic families. This destroys every family with fear and separation. This is why I tell you, to not destroy these families and instead help those families by giving them their papers and their green card.

I have many friends whose families are scared that one day they will be sent away from their families and will not be able to come back because the border is becoming stricter. When my grandfather died, my dad and his whole family had to go back. I went with my dad and my mom did too like all my dad's other brothers. We were there all the funeral and stayed another month then we had to come back and that was something that was very difficult. I had to come with them and I had to cross Rio Grande when I was like 1 or 2 years old. My mom had to carry me all the way while she went first and then my dad went second. My mom said she had to crawl, run, and cross the river with me at her hands, worrying that nothing would happen to me. Then when my too parents passed they met in Texas and had to buy diapers for me because they couldn’t change my diaper on their way back to the U.S. But this is my family experience and I have some friends who family member tried to come to the U.S and never made it. This is not only my friends and my family's problem it is other people who this has happened to their family member. This is why I write my letter to tell you about the idea that came to my head. Why don’t we just give U.S citizenships and green cards to those who have been in the U.S for a long time and those who actually benefit the country.

We are not going to lie, but the hispanics are the people that do most of the hard works like construction, roofing, and the logging workers. These are very dangerous jobs and they have to do them to support their families with what they need. Day by day more and more hispanics risk their lives for their families. This in your mind might have no reason but they do this for their families to which they care the most about even if their family is here or wherever they are. This is why I think that the government and the US should give the residency, the green card, or the United States citizenship. I think that this should be for those who actually do something in America and benefit America in a positive way. Others may be here but do not actually benefit the US in a positive way, but others are actually doing something. This will work in my opinion because because it will benefit those who do benefit the US to get a better a job for a better future.

Consequently, we the people need to support the people that actually benefit the US. To sum this all up, the latino population, in general has benefited the US with their hard work in very hard and dangerous work. I think that a reward for working that hard would be the US citizenship or a green card because they have done a lot for this country. All in all, you should really think about this idea as a future president and how you can benefit the latinos on this country.

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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