Odalys P. Tennessee


This letter is about the topic of immigration.

Dear president of the United States of America,

Immigration is an issue that has been going around for a while. It has been discussed about but there has not been many solutions to it. Immigration is the act of people coming to the united states in an illegal way. The population of immigrants has been increasing over time and many people believe that these numbers should be stopped or slowed down. Many more immigrants are coming to the united states for a better life. There have been ideas of building a wall as a current candidate for the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump has stated. I believe that building a wall to stop immigrants from entering the united states is not a solution and would actually harm the united states. Most immigrants make up the work force of the united states. The people who come illegally only come to work and be successful. Without most of these people, the economy would not prosper and would instead go down hill. Some suggestion on how to help with this immigration problem would be helping families. There are many immigrant families living in America that are only trying to have a better lifestyle. Many of these families however, are separated. Their parents are deported back to their countries and their children stay in the united states because of their residence. Preventing the deportation of children’s parents who are under age could help. Children underage who have immigrant parents most likely end up in a orphanage without their parents. Immigrants only come to the united states looking for a better lifestyle. They do not mean to cause any harm and they actually help the economy of the united states prosper. Therefore, they should not be deported and they should actually be helped. This is a very important topic to us children of immigrant parents who live in fear that someday they could be deported. There could be solutions to this problem to which i hope you could take into consideration.

Sincerely, Odalys Perez    

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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