edgardo e. Tennessee

Green Industries

the benefits from green industries .

Dear future president

As a student of STEM.PREP HIGH I believe the next president of the United States should support green industries. I don’t want that the environment get affected negatively. if the next president supports the green industries more, the nature and humans are not going to get harmed because chemicals from machines will not pollute the air , water , and the animals . Green industries can be helpful for people because green energy will not affect them and they actually have benefits to their health .Emissions “by coal and natural gas plants is linked to breathing problems, neurological damage, heart attacks, and cancer. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy has been found to reduce premature mortality and lost workdays, and it reduces overall healthcare costs” [6].I think this is very helpful for the people because it’s not going to affect negatively the environment. I also mean that if people use green technology more we will not be affected by these chemicals that people is working now . Green industries can help to increase the economy because“ Renewable energy already supports thousands of jobs in the United States. For example, in 2011, the wind energy industry directly employed 75,000 full-time-equivalent employees in a variety of capacities, including manufacturing, project development, construction and turbine installation, operations and maintenance, transportation and logistics, and financial, legal, and consulting services” [10].This would help workers to increase their economy because energy is a resource that all people use. This green company can be better for the nature because is not going to affect the environment is not going to affect the life of the animals and this is because “energy systems emit some air pollutants, total air emissions are generally much lower than those of coal- and natural gas-fired power plants.” [6].This is so important because is going to help a lot of people on the way of work and also on the economy . Is important because if the next president support green industries is going to have a big positive effect on country and also on the population.Thank you for help the community of the country .