Xavier Wisconsin

Requirements for a better school

A letter explaining why schools need more funding to help with our international education standing


I am writing to you as a High School student in the Sheboygan Area School District of Wisconsin and have concerns about the budgeting allotted to schools and the issues this could present to people. For one, with a decrease in funding, many schools are being forced to cut subjects and parts of the curriculum deemed unnecessary for example in many schools art classes are being cut as they are found to be not needed. While these may not be helpful to most, some people use these to drive themselves into a career and seeing their subject get shut down will deter them and put them off from their preferred career. Schools are also being forced to fire teachers simply to keep open and this gets rid of jobs rather than creating them. Many people have aspirations for their future, but need structure and focus for this. It is important to have teachers, as well as the ability to take trips to college, places of business and be shown real-life applications of their careers.

In the world we live in, a high school diploma is needed to get almost anywhere and if students cannot be engaged by anything school offers, they will drop out. When students can become engaged, they will drive themselves so that not only do they try harder to succeed at their favorite subject, but they will learn discipline, self-control, and self-reliance as they push themselves harder in other classes. Many students may find themselves challenged by classes they do not find entertainment in. I personally enjoy engineering and ever since I started it my work in other classes has improved and slowly has been since my freshmen year. Now a senior, I am doing my best to apply everything I can to every class I can. If other students can do this and do it better, the education status of America would greatly improve.

In the past few decades, the United States of America has fallen in rating from being one of the best-educated countries to 14th out of every country. We have started to focus more on college rather than getting students to college. This creates a problem of students getting to college, but then they are not sure what to do. The school I go to has a focus on college prep and has helped me to find my passion as well as come to terms with what it means to grow up and become an adult.

With this, I ask that middle and high school receive a higher level of funding in order to raise our academic standing and become the intelligent country we once were. If we can achieve the spot we once held our country would enter a wonderful state as we would be able to create more teaching positions, in turn, boosting our economy.