Abram A. Tennessee

Issues of Gender and Ethnic Inequality

We should create a solution for gender and ethnic equality.

Abram Agaiby

2nd Period

English Honors II

Dear Future Mr. President,

            Congratulations on your victory for presidency! This will be a crucial career path way. You have devoted your time to the United States of America and, as you can see from America's history, presidents impact the people’s rights and living components in the country. Therefore, your name will be known throughout time for the decisions you make.

            Of course, during your accomplishing campaign career, you and the opposing candidate described gender equality and ethical (Racial) judgement as a major factor in need of a solutions. These domestic challenges are daunting to the American world for reasons such as women wanting to be independent and not having to rely on men in society; as well as a society that doesn't discriminate against other ethnic and racial groups of people. Rather than a world where women are doing the same job as a men or possibly even better and, still get paid lower than men for the fact being that they are just a women, or are evenly judged based on their race’s contribution and majority to the problem of the population. Because people judge others harshly, it makes visitors or immigrants that come to America feel unwelcomed to he country. Which builds a bad reputation for the country holding the name of, a “Racist”country for the fact that it's harder to get a job just for the reason that you are from a certain place in the world or because of your religion. As a result, both crucial areas for devotions to focus on, as a president and in the United States as a whole, would be achieving gender and ethics inequality.

           As a male dominate society more and more, I urge your attention in helping the country around trying to help minimize gender inequality. Think about it for a minute, if you (questioning a man) were a women, would you feel accepted into a society that pays women less than men? Would you feel accepted in a society where they often times “prefers” a certain gender over another? Well then think again, are they accepted into the United States? If our country conducts equality for all genders as a whole, we can be the inspiration other women in other countries to get equal pay and other freedom equalities around the world. According to an online article, Gender inequality References by, the author, Vaibhav Pathak stated, specifically in countries such as India, men are often times the head of the society. The son is, “the pride of the family etc. The list is long and sure the grass isn't that green. The incidents like the BBC controversy or a newspaper that boasts more crime than progress reports sure do peg us back. As pointed out by Divya, the country isn't a safe place to begin with. Crime is a serious problem” (Pathak). From our understanding of this evidence, one can say that because there isn't much rule in diversity (not a lot of women take place in jobs and political power) between men and women or, the fact that men are doing everything by themselves gathers an idea that men in the Indian society believe that women may be not right for the job. Or in other words, that “women can’t be as good as men”. What does this prove about a only man ruled society? Well, as the evidence stated, there is a mass amounts of violence and crimes in India because of it's high dense of men controlling the country. Therefore, having diverse jobs between men and women, even in politics, can improve the country's crime rate.

            But wait, lets not forget about the other important value, ethical inequality. As a middle eastern and an American, ethical inequality is as results of unfair treatment because other non-citizen people are know as “outsiders”. And because they are seen as “outsiders”, it's harder for them to get a job. Now, if they do get a job, they oftentimes do not get equal pay as citizens of the country. These “outsiders” are treated differently, and are seen as weaker individuals when are compared to citizens of the United States, all of this makes them feel unwelcomed into the country they moved. Many reasons why these people have decided to come to a different country would be because of their kids. Personally, i was born in Egypt, where education is a joke and regional inequality is in power, my parents decided my future to come to America so i can grow up in a career i want. Is it then my fault that i was born in a country that prefered muslims over christians and had no justice in education? So, why is it that other people who come to the United States from other countries have to be punished greatly for the fact that they want a better future for their kids? In a video once discussed in my school’s english class, the babies being born today are automatically assigned a job that they are “supposed to be” in the nation. For example in the video, a chinese baby is born with plumbing clothes to hint out his or her future as a plumber rather than what they desire. As you can see Mr. President, would you feel accepted into society if the majority of population are looking at you to be something else than what you desire to be? Based on, Racial and Ethnic Inequality in the United States shows that the average white person makes about 67 thousand dollars a year, has a 32.6% chance of graduating college, and about 9.4% remain in poverty. While African Americans on the other hand, the average person makes 38 thousand dollars a year, has about 20% chance of graduating college, and has about 25.8% in poverty. According to this evidence, ethnicity is a big issue that must be addressed because as the evidence shows the average white man makes almost double of the regular African American man, their chance of making it into a college and graduating is a lot higher than than the average African American, and the percentage of white people in poverty is almost 3 times as much as the average African American. I believe that we can overcome these challenges through the simple measures that were mentioned before in the text.

              As a result, we must hold our country, the United States of America, to accept all people with different genders, different ethnicity, and racial equally. We can hold services to get women who have been abused or don't have faith in themselves to build their high esteem. Mr. President by allowing more women to participate in political power, we can alter may laws to help the country hold less violence and crime. Also by allowing other people from other countries around the world enter the United States and begin a tour to a better life would create not only a better reputation for the person but also for the country. By simply taking care of this issue, we can make the people from other countries who are otherwise not feeling accepted into the society, become more attracted to the country for the country's acceptance of them. And let's not forget the fact that must unregistered immigrants work jobs otherwise not employed by the white people.

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