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Preschool is needed in all States

Preschool is a vital part of children's learning. It should be mandatory in every state.


Dear Future President,

Parents often question whether or not they should be sending their children off to preschool. Does preschool help the child succeed in future learning or is it just a waste of time and hard earned money? I believe there is a major benefit to preschool for young children. Not only does it help the child develop social skills and cognitive skills, it also helps the child develop motor skills that they will use throughout their entire lifetime. Preschool is a valuable asset to our society that should be federally funded.

In the preschool learning process, children develop social and emotional skills that they cannot learn at home. Children in preschool, as studies have shown, are very social and outgoing compared to children who did not attend a preschool. They also have better self-confidence and a positive attitude towards others. They learn how to develop empathy for other students and develop better morals for their own lives. They will also have better success at cognitive skills. They develop a better memory that they will need in the classroom. Children are taught counting, beginning literacy, social and emotional skills, and motor skills. Children not only need these skills for themselves, but they are also prepared for kindergarten. Children learn how to learn on their own, in the way in which they learn better. Children get the drive to learn and the desire to succeed. Another fantastic reason for putting your child into a preschool is the motor skills they learn. They learn how to draw and write, even if to the parent it does not look like much. They learn simple things like how to hold a pencil, crayon, marker etc. How to even use scissors is a skill needed and a skill learned in preschool.

However, points have been made stating that children should not be put into a preschool, because it is a waste of time and money. One point that was made is that the students will not retain their learning and will fall behind, causing the child to lower their self-esteem. Yet many skills that are taught are still used in their lives every day, such as math skills at the grocery store. The letters that are learned are used everywhere. Another point that has been made was that students did not show high achievement in later years, which has been disproven by research. Children who attended a preschool scored higher on tests than the children who never attended.

Therefore, studies show that the children who attend preschool will benefit more socially, cognitively, and develop better motor skills than the children who do not attend a preschool. I would definitely send my future child to preschool and encourage other parents to do the same to benefit their child. There should be more awareness as to the benefits of preschool. It should be mandatory in all states that all children attend a preschool.


Ashley W.

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