Brenda S. Tennessee

Sexual Abuse

I speak about sexual abuse on women and how it is unacceptable for men to do this. Also, I speak about what the future president needs to do.

Dear future President of the United States,

My name is Brenda Silva and I am a student from Stem Prep High in Nashville, Tennessee. I want to talk to you about sexual abuse towards females. Thousands of women are sexually abused each year but are never brave enough to speak out. It is important not to encourage this kind of abuse because women have to feel safe in this world and around people. If this does not happen, more and more women will start to feel unsafe and uncomfortable in this society.

It is extremely unacceptable for women to be treated disrespectfully when it is almost 2017. People should have more respect not only for women but for everyone in general. Why do people think it is okay to sexually assault a women? Are they asking for it? No. Women do not ask to be touched through their clothing, they do not give looks of consent, or act like they want it. Men who use this as an excuse are only trying to justify their actions on women that they know are wrong. They know they should not have done it so they try to blame it on the girl. That is such a shallow move from people who are supposed to be “gentlemen”. This should not happen from people who are thought to be leaders in our community.

First of all, the next President should not be encouraging this kind of behavior publicly. He should not be proud of his actions towards women. Why would a Presidential candidate allow the kids of the future to be exposed to this kind of language and behavior? This is not right and never will be. Does he not care that kids will learn from what he says? A President should be respectful and considerate. Additionally, the next president should be in support of minimizing sexual abuse towards women. They need to find a way that will help truly help women and girls be safe. Speaking does nothing. Taking action does. There needs to be a way in which men are taught it is unacceptable to touch women and abuse of them.

In conclusion, sexual abuse needs to be spoken about more often and action should be taken if people witness it. Men need to respect women and women need to learn to fight back in this type of emergency.


Brenda Silva.

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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