Hannah F. North Carolina

Civil Rights and Equality Letter

A letter typed for the next president about three examples of equality. Spread the love for the world.

Dear Future President, 

Today and throughout past generations, people treat others with disrespect because of their physical features. Because of this rude treatment, people are emotionally and sometimes physically scarred for life. We need to prevent this unfair and harsh treatment from spreading around the world, and we need to treat everyone equally.

Haven't we all laughed at racist jokes or made racist jokes that offend a certain group of people? Everyone has. You may think it's just a joke, but others may not agree. People will be offended and take action. There's a protest community called 'Black Lives Matter.' As they protest, they may use violence. Usually the police are involved with the violent crimes from protesters. Future president, please prevent anyone from hurting one another. Stop the racism that is causing violence. The stereotypes and racism are the cause of many crimes and many protests We must treat everyone the same; love one another for who we are. Never hate one another for people's skin color! That is unacceptable!

Also, women want to have equal rights. An example of equal rights for women is the pay difference between a woman and a man with the same job.The average payment for women is 90% of what men get paid. For annual earnings, women earn an average  $0.79 for every dollar men earn. Why are women paid less than men? Please Mrs./Mr. President, fix the payment system! It does not make any sense.

The last example of inequality pertains to the physicalyl and mentally disabled people. So many people choose to disrespect the disabled people because of how different they look or act compared to a non-disabled people. I hate hearing the insults that "normal" people use to make fun of the disabled people. Instead of insulting and making fun of their physical or mental problem, let us help them and treat them like normal human beings.

Please do remember that the point of this letter is to share the love and equal rights towards all races, women, and disabled people. Just because some people are born different, does not mean we should treat them differently. Please spread love to the American citizens! If we share the mean stereotypes and hate, our country will be less than in can be.   Let us live with acceptance. God bless you and America!

Wakefield Middle School

WMS Red Wolves

8th grade Wolf Time PBL

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