Gregory L North Carolina

Renewable energy

The reasons that we need to switch from non-renewable energy to renewable, now.

Dear next President,

I am writing this letter to tell you about the need for new, renewable energy sources. The Non-renewable resources that we use right now pollute the earth, takes millions of years to form, and, according to conserve-energy-future, will run out within the next 50 years at most. We may have a lot of coal, oil, and gas now, but when we do run out and we have not switched to renewable energy, people will lose their electricity and the energy they need to go about their lives. “The IER says that the U.S. only gets 13% of its energy production from renewable energy sources and only uses 10% of its energy consumption.” Imagine 87 out of 100 people without power. Renewable resources are practically unlimited and we have barely used any of it. Also, if the U.S. controlled the energy of the whole world, we could practically stop war and fighting by simply taking and giving energy. It would create jobs for lots of unemployed to fix and create renewable energy sources like dams, windmills, and solar panels.

Others could be against it for many reasons.They might say that renewable energy costs lots of money and they may not work all the time or that they can't produce enough energy to fill the spots that nonrenewable left.They could say that they are vulnerable to climate changes and conditions, and we would leave most of the people unemployed.They could even say that the energy collectors take up lots of land that could be used for other things.

However, we don't have to change everything right now, we can start using renewable sources slowly so that we can still spend money on other things that the nation needs. Renewable energy can produce mass amounts of energy faster than nonrenewable resources can because they don't have to rely on everyone at the factory, the people transporting it, or other countries who could disrupt operations. The people can also become unhealthy because of pollution or radiation from nuclear power plants. Do you want another Chernobyl, this time in America? The machines are placed in the best part of the world to fully use their potential, like windmills being in windy places, dams in rivers that frequently flood and solar farms placed in desert places that get lots of sunlight. All in all, the pros of renewable energy resources far outweigh the cons, so we should start to make America great again.


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