Twonesse B. North Carolina

Cost of College

Cost of College

Dear Next president Why does college/ Education cost so much i don’t think it should be as high because yall say that yall want kid and teen to get there Education but it does not seem that way because the cost of education is high so some people can’t afford it.

My research tells me why it cost so much is because of all the books that you have to get and the room that you stay in the also the food and ect…. It also says that the cost of college has been getting higher since 2008 they its because of the thing the i listed and because they need to pay the people that work for the college. “Over the past 35 years, college tuition at public universities has nearly quadrupled, to $9,139 in 2014 dollars.” “In a recent interview with U.S. News & World Report, Reich addressed the rising cost of a college education and drew a correlation between how schools spend their money and the cost for students.”

I thinks that if is this continues to happen then some people that want to go to college can't because of the cost and if the cost continues to go up then you would have people that haven’t finished school and i think that it's very important to get your education.

What i think the government or the president should do is to lower the cost of some things so that the total cost of college would be less so that people with less money that want to get there education can afford it.

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