Austin North Carolina

Gun Control/Gun right

I think that we have too much gun control and our gun right are being taken away from us day by day. This is what I think about gun control

Gun Rights

Dear Future President ,

I hope that the next president, he or she will consider keeping gun rights the same and not just go after the semi-auto rifle also known as AR style weapon. An AR style weapon is not as dangerous as a handgun because handguns have killed more people than ARs have, and a handgun is easier to conceal. Why would you want to ban high capacity magazine? Let’s say that you went to a gun range,you would not want to reload every time you shoot thirty rounds, and most AR owners do not use it for self defence. Some use them for hunting or just take them to a gun range.

Adding more gun control is not going to help anything but make it harder for the law abiding people to get guns. The criminals do not go to a gun store to get a gun; they get them illegally, which means the gun is stolen. I have also heard of the gun show loophole that does not exist because less than .7% of criminals get their gun at a gun show.

Why do you have to be 21 to buy a handgun, but you can get a rifle at 18? An AR15 style rifle is what they are trying to ban and can hold more ammo in most cases than a handgun can. An AR 15 style is a higher caliber than a handgun is which mean that it can be more deadly. I also think that we should lower the age to get a handgun to 18 since you can get a rifle.

Most people get guns for protection or to hunt. Handguns are the most used for protection because they are easy to use. Many people also get a CCW or a concealed carry weapon permit, so they carry a weapon all the time to protect themselves.

I also think that they should make more places where you can carry a gun because It will cut down on crime. f a criminal knew we were armed, he want not want to rob that place and most criminals want something easy. Some of the places that I think we should carry a gun to is in school if you are 21 and have taken the CCW class. I also think that you should be able to carry in almost all gun free zones, and I think that it will cut down on crime and make people feel safer. If the Government do this then I think that they should start teaching a gun safety class in high school, but they can make it optional for people to take. The class would be good for high school students to know how to handle guns. It will also teach them that guns are not bad and they should only be used in self defense.

I think that the next president should leave the gun law alone and keep the Second amendment the same and stop trying to undermine the Second amendment.