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Women's Rights

Women’s rights is an important topic around the world, that should be discussed more.

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

Women’s rights is a very important topic to me that should be discussed more. As a young woman myself, I have a strong opinion about this topic. I have noticed that around the world, women have more disadvantages than men. For example, I believe men should not be able to abuse and treat women poorly because they may think they are stronger and can take advantage of women. Many women around the world cannot leave their houses because their husbands will not allow them to. In the United States, women and men have different pay rates when they have the same job. I want women to have the rights men do. In the news, there are many cases of women being treated unfairly compared to men. Women around the world are protesting and trying to defend themselves, for other young girls that will become women one day. Women around the world should not feel less motivated, they should be confident, and they should be proud for who they are. I believe that young girls should not think women are not powerful or strong enough to gain the same respect men have.

I believe you, as our president can change this issue. For example, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive. It is important that women stand up for their rights and beliefs, which is what Saudi Arabian women did. According to The Huffington Post, many Saudi Arabian woman are protesting for their country's refusal to not allow driver's licenses to women. They are also asking and demanding a greater system of gender-based and equality laws. It is not fair how men get to drive in some Middle Eastern countries and women are not allowed to. If there ever was an emergency and a women needed to get somewhere and no men were around, they would not be able to drive by themselves, they would need to have a man drive them. A woman named Sharif decided to protest for what she believed in, which was driving and she ended up getting arrested for it. The message she was trying to show was that women in Saudi Arabia should have more rights, like men. She was also trying to show that women were strong and she was very persistent. If a man in Saudi Arabia drove in a car, nothing would happen to him. It is unreasonable for women and men to have different rights and for men to have a lack of respect for women. The things women are fighting for are very dangerous. This is because some men have no respect for women, so they could get in very big trouble. Secondly, a woman named Barry Heart who is from Botswana, Africa is very strong. She has been taken advantage of by men and has been highly disrespected. One thing Barry did was she wrote down how she was feeling and made songs about all of this. She shared her songs with the public. I believe the point the women was trying to prove was to other women and young girls, that they should be confident about themselves and not be ashamed of who they are. Also, she wanted to show that it is important to stand up for what you believe in. Something should be done because women should be able to do many things they are not allowed to. Women realize the consequences, but they are not giving up on what they are standing up for. This shows this topic is very important and something should be done about it, and I believe you can help and make a difference.

I believe you can help with making sure women get more rights that they deserve and change this issue. You have power and can make women rights equal in our society. I want women’s rights to be equivalent to men’s and end discrimination against genders. You may even have the power to help stop this around the world, and not just in the United States. The United States has a big impact and influence on many other countries. We have a lot of power and I believe with this power, a difference can be made. Women deserve the same rights as men, and I hope you will make a change in women's rights in your presidency.