Frida B. New York

The Ugly Truth About Climate Change

Dear Future President, I am well aware, that the topic of climate change has not been honored as an important issue concerning the American people, over the course of the 2016 Presidential Election even though it is still an ongoing global issue. The following facts have been proven to be true. Climate change is a real issue that we the people have created; is a continuing problem that was caused by human activity, as a result of constant carbon dioxide and other gases being emitted into the environment. Global warming will make air dirtier, water more contaminated, and more food tainted. Other consequences would include killer storms stronger than any in modern times. As shown above, climate change never ceases to cause new problems to erupt instantaneously among the earth because of human activity. In order to slow down the process of global warming human beings need to work on reducing the greenhouse effect that is affecting global warming. Some ways to do this include: reducing carbon dioxide emissions by using solar and wind energy to power things instead of coal, reducing methane gas and CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) refrigerants and replace them with HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons), Reduce deforestation by planting more trees. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is important because it increases the rise of sea level which causes more destructive natural disasters to occur. The carbon dioxide emissions also reduce the ozone layer that shields us from the sun’s harmful rays, which as a result of this; has been provoking the temperatures to rise over the years. To help with the everlasting problems, we could use clean, renewable energy to replace the coal that we as humans have been burning that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Solar energy is a great source of energy because it uses the sun’s energy to generate power; and it doesn’t emit any pollutants. Another renewable energy source is wind energy, because it uses wind power to generate power; and like solar energy it doesn’t emit any pollutants. Our society has the ability to change the way we are treating our planet; yet we are still relying on fossil fuels to generate power. You need to act now, future president. At this rate, by 2040 the Arctic glaciers are going to be completely gone. Because of global warming, there will be approximately 150,000 heat related deaths in the next millennium. With all of this going on to us, you need to help us. This topic isn’t a matter of belief; it is a matter of doing what is right for our planet; for us. And if you can’t believe that global warming is real, or if you don’t accept or act on climate change; you aren’t fit to be our next president. Sincerely, Frida Bajic 7th Grade Student Dobbs Ferry Middle School