Louis A. New York

Our Dying Planet -Truth On Climate Change

Hello, I am a student at Dobbs Ferry Middle School. My name is Louis Albanese and I really care about our planet being fine and intact for the future. I consider myself in-tune with nature. I will be telling you about climate change. Climate change is a big issue and I, like most scientists and regular day to day citizens, believe that it needs to be addressed now. Politicians seemingly haven’t been stressing how important the topic is. Climate change needs to be seen as the biggest issue facing our generation. It is destroying our planet's ecosystem, and the effects are devastating. It will become more so if we don’t take steps now. Climate Change is melting our ice caps. The ice melting is causing our sea levels to rise by 4 to 8 inches. The rate is rapidly increasing because we are burning fossil fuels and thickening the ozone layer. The thickened ozone layer causes the heat of the burned fossil fuels to stay inside our planet's atmosphere causing global warming. Global warming is causing our ice caps to melt. The ice caps are the home of the polar bears and other snow animals. Their habitats are being taken away which can lead to their extinction. We need to work on preserving our natural habitats. In addition, rising sea levels have caused more natural disasters. The rise in sea levels is causing a disruption to the normal weather patterns. The warmer winds and ocean currents has led to an increase in hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding. Storms have become more powerful because of the warmer sea temperatures. Furthermore, our oceans are being polluted. If you collected all the trash in the ocean it would be as big as the United States. You cannot see the pollutants because they are manifesting at the bottom of the ocean. It is killing sea plants and animals. Sea plants make up 70% of the world's oxygen. If most of these plants die, more CO² will be in our atmosphere, exacerbating global warming. Our generation needs more governmental regulation to reduce greenhouse gases. We need to support and encourage people to move away from fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric and hydrogen fuel cells. If the government encourages passive house construction, we will reduce everyday energy consumption by 90%. I hope that you have changed your opinion on climate change. I urge you to listen to what I am saying to help save the planet, for all our future generations! I have no control of what you do but I hope you will help us save this planet. I personally plea you to help save my generation to what could become an impossible problem to solve if we wait any longer.